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Dough Drop

Say hello to our reusable baking sheet. This silicone baking mat allows you to transfer your dough safely to a preheated Dutch oven. No more burns with this silicone baking sheet, long handles allows you to lower the prepared dough into your oven safely avoiding any nasty burns, safe to use up to 482 Fahrenheit.

Sourdough Bread Making Kits

Our amazing bread making kits. We have various options, from our entry level kit, which is amazing value and will get you started on making amazing rustic bread, to our baguette making kit. These bread making kits will make you the envy of all your friends! Bake fresh rustic baguettes everyday. Our kits have everything you need to make amazing bread. Learn from our recipe e-book, a fantastic gift for beginners and experienced bakers alike.

Coconut Bowl Set

Vegan, organic, eco-friendly coconut bowl sets. Perfect for salads, smoothies, poki bowls, Buddha bowls, rice, noodles, pasta, fruit and much more. An excellent addition to your home or the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Bread Lame

You will feel comfortable, confident and in control when using this bread lame. Once your dough is ready for the oven use your bread lame cutter to slash the bread dough which allows steam to escape during the cooking process. This bread scoring tool can also be used to create an artistic design on the bread, creating a rustic sourdough bread loaf.

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